Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ghosts filmed in the square in Mexico

This paranormal video was recorded in square Jardim Balbuena, Mexico. Interestingly, this video recording had captured spirit that appeared as transparent energy at the edge of the right of the video screen before it became more prominent as a vortex passing by slowly in front of the video camera, but yet, its shape did not resemble any kind of insect appearance. Interestingly, the said spirit do not create a streak image or reflects the video camera's infra red light proof that the said anomaly is not related to insect/bug but indeed it is a spirit. In fact, its motion is too slow to be a bug but rather the movements has similarity with human movement.

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  1. Really?! This is what gives believers a bad name. Does anyone have real, sorry, "real" footage for cryin' out loud?!!