Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CCTV footage filmed a ghost video in London?

On the first of February 2013 a figure described as a real ghost was recorded on a community centres CCTV system in London. The caretaker saw the figure on the CCTV monitor and discovered that it had actually recorded onto the digital file.

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ghost videoThe running of the building was taken over by a local committee in 1945 from the council. Previous to that the local council ran the building so the building is relatively old and has had many members of the public use it for all types of different activities. The building was used as a prisoner of war camp for Italian prisoners in world war two.

The previous chairman of the community association believed that the building was haunted. He used to great the spirits when he entered the building in an attempt to make them friendly.

There are plaques commemorating previous volunteers and committee members, who have past on, who felt the community association was there life displayed inside the building.

There have also been many previous employees and caretakers who have since past away.

Will someone be able to identify the figure?

Watch full video footage on YouTube here:


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