Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ghosts Presence at Exchange Hotel

The Exchange Hotel in Orange County was a famous Confederate Civil War Hospital. There are so many reported paranormal activities in the building including the apparitions of surgeons sawing a bone, wounded people wandering around and ghost of unfaithful spouse lurking in the corner of the building. 

Old Dominion Ghost Hunters decided to visit the place and investigate the reported ghostly activities in the building. Spokesman of the team Alex McGinnis said that they recorded some strange voices and experienced many unusual occurrences.

Light anomaly that they could not recreate was observed by the investigators and there were voices in the kitchen and in the main house captured on tape recorders. They also heard a sound of a door opening and closing on its own.

The investigators examined their evidences such as ghost videos and audios and spent some time analyzing them. They were skeptics on their own evidences and tried to find natural reasons on what they have got during their investigation.

After reviewing the evidences for hours, they concluded that there was not enough paranormal activity in the Exchange Hotel. McGinnis said that there was no enough evidence to consider the building as haunted. However, they are interested to come back to give a second thought. (c) 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Investigating the Existence of Ghosts

Thunder Bay Paranormal Society has been investigating paranormal activities in the city which include ghost sightings, embedded noises and other unexplained events. The society, which was formed in 2009, investigates the presence of ghosts or spirits in private properties and tourists attractions.

Spokesman of the team Tyler Gingras says that they are skeptics about ghosts or spirits but sometimes they get things that cannot be explained. Members of the group do not usually agree with the results of their investigation. Gingras reveals that paranormal believers and skeptics in the group are always exchanging ideas with the results before releasing an official finding.

Gingras explains that when they receive a report on a door that is opening and closing mysteriously, they try to look into the possibility that someone is walking down the hallway of the building and the frame shifts. If people claim they see lights on the walls, Gingras states that they would try to look if the lights are not coming from cars driving by the windows or from reflections.

The group also investigates on local legends just like the alleged presence of ghost at Trowbridge Falls campground. They consider the place as one of the most haunted places in the city. Ghostly apparitions have been reported since its first operation in the 1960s. Some people believe that the ghost sightings are connected to the number of people who have drowned in the popular swimming places in the area. Gingras says they are convinced that the area has paranormal activity going around. (c) 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Ghosts in Bissman Building

Great structure can easily be noticed in the Bissman Building. Located in Mansfield, Ohio, the building is very rich in history. The original structure of the building stands the test of time and the interior is impressive as well. The two front rooms are uniquely designed with Eastlake paneling.

Mr. Bissman, the owner of the historic building, owned a productive printing company operated inside the building. Mr. Bissman, whose ancestral origin came from Germany, is described as a friendly man who is willing to share just about all aspects of his family business and history. He also enjoys sharing about his ancestral paintings decorated in the wall and more than happy to impart the role he and the building played in the filming of the motion picture “The Shawshank Redemption.” He is equally happy to discuss the Bissman Building’s darker history.

It is known that the Bissman Building had a share of a tragic and dark history. Specifically the story of the little girl named Ruthie. The mantle of the building still has the picture of little Ruthie together with her family. The little girl was raped and murdered in the building. Her dead body was put in a pickle barrel in the basement. Her ghost reportedly roams the building searching for the justice. According to the reports, she actually got justice in the building when the suspect of the crime, who is one of the employees of the building, got killed by her ghost. However, the ghost of the man also wanders in the building making ghost hunters and investigators to have fear every time they explore the building.

The Bissman Building has been the highlight of so many ghost investigation shows and been visited by a lot of paranormal investigators. The building’s explorations had produced a lot of ghost videos, pictures and EVPs. (c) 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Former Police Officer Alleges Ghost as Responsible for Stolen Goods Found in the Basement of his House

The court was filled with emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock when ex-police officer Joseph Hughes blamed a ghost for stealing goods, which were found in the basement of his house. 

The former police officer, from Mount Gilead, Ohio, was facing 21 separate charges in the U.S. court including a charge for stealing 12 air conditioning units, a 6,000-watt generator and welding equipment.

The items were believed to have been transported from the Morrow County sheriff’s office as one of the air conditioning units has a mark that proves that it has been audited for that office.

However, during the hearing, Hughes provided a somewhat scary defense on the reason why the goods were there in his basement.

Hughes said that there was a presence of paranormal activity in his basement and he had evidence to prove it. Tom Elkin of the Morrow County Prosecutor’s Office said that the defense was the strangest he experienced in his job. He said that since his practice of his profession as a prosecutor in 1983, this is the first time he heard such odd defense.

Hughes was charge guilty for his crime committed. (c) 2011