Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ghostly image of World War I soldier captured in a German war cemetery via mobile phone

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Mitch Glover, a 14 year old boy of Leamington Spa claims that he was able to photograph a ghost during his school trip to France. 

The boy was taking photos of the scenery with his Iphone in his visit at a German war cemetery at Neuville-Saint Vaast near Arras in northern France. In a closer inspection of the photograph of the alleged ghostly image, a human-like image is clearly is clearly noticeable on the left-center part of the picture that resembles that of the looks of a World War I soldier who appears to be watching over the graves. The picture was magnified to see a closer look at the cloudy image, and it appeared to be wearing a kilt and Tam o’ Shanter uniform. The same uniform as the Seaforth Highlander regiment used during the First World War. The ghostly image also seems to be in a guarding position where he holds a rifle in his right arm that is evident in the way the ghost’s arms are postured. 

The regiment is a part of the British army whose majority of its men were from the northern highlands of Scotland. The Seaforth Highlanders suffered heavy casualties from the Nazi Empire in the battle of the Aisne in September 1914. 

Mitch and his family only noticed the scary ghost looking image when the boy got home from the trip. Her mother Sue, a 50-year expert in antiques, had an exemplary feeling that they are actually having eye on a real ghost. She freaked-out and could not believe with what his boy was able to bring home that soon became understandable to her while she research the history of the Seaforth Highlander Regiment. 

Neuville-Saint contains 44, 833 entombments and is considered today as the biggest German cemetery in France. These countless dead bodies buried in a large isolated piece of land will surely spook anyone who visits Neuville-Saint. The battles of World War I are perhaps one of the most horrifying experiences for any man to be in, and this picture might be a sign that tormented souls of those who have died in the First World War still wanders the world today. 

These spirits might still be trapped in this world that is why we can still see them through the eyes of our camera’s lenses perhaps a prayer might be one of the things they need to detach them completely from our world so that they could eventually cross into the afterlife. But that is only a notion; the living still has no idea why the departed makes this kind of apparitions.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The Tower of London is the place where many people were executed because of adultery, treason and murder. Although the British ghosts are extremely old and illustrious, Australian ghosts are also known to have caused disturbance in many cities including Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. The crash of Eastern Airlines Tri-Star jetliner, Flight 401 was one of the most tragic events that took place in 1972. Singapore is not only Asia's tourist attraction, but also an attraction for ghost hunters. Strange lights flicker through Hougang School, near East Coast Beach. For over 300 years, the Cape Town Castle ghost is seen walking along the battlements. It is a tall lanky figure that haunts the castle built in 1665. 

The mind can act as our personal demon if we let it. If we mentally accept something, we have to act upon it. People have been telling each other ghost stories since the start of time. There is certainly no sign that people are telling less ghost stories in modern times than they did in the past. The only difference is that now they tell them to talk shows and tabloids rather than around the fire.There is something about Gothic churches that often appeals to those of us that have an interest in ghosts and the paranormal. Perhaps it is the elaborate nature of Gothic churches that keep us interested regardless of our own personal beliefs.Just as people die so do towns and cities. There is something spooky about towns that have been abandoned by their citizens and left to die.Spook Draai is a well demarcated circular route, intended to be walked in only one direction as indicated by the markers. You can start the trail by walking in the direction of L'Agulhas village. Hoia Baciu Forest, near Cluj-Napoca, in Romania has a reputation for paranormal activity. 

Reports have included, among others, folk ghost stories, apparitions, faces identified in photographs that were not visible with the naked eye, and, in the 1970's, UFO sightings. Visitors to the forest report anxiety and the feeling of being watched, and the local vegetation is often times bizarre (strangely-shaped trees, charring on tree stomps and branches). An old Victorian house - built in 1879 - just off the town square, has for years been home to a particularly strange ghost. Most people attribute this ghost to the handyman that murdered the doctor and his wife in the nearby town of Littlefield in 1949. Now it is placed at Anton, Texas. There is a House off Cypress, in Covina, California, which was bulit in the late 1890’s that is haunted. This House was most Likely used as a ranch Home for one of the Many citrus Groves that covered the regon at the time. In Arabic folklore, a Marid is a jinn associated with open waters of the seas and oceans where it finds sanctuary. Like every djinn, they have free will yet could be compelled to perform chores. They are the most arrogant and proud as well.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Video Shows Ghost Running During Football Game in Bolivia

A ghost was reportedly running across the seats during a football game in Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia. The sighting was recorded in a video which was uploaded in YouTube. 

In the video, there is a dark figure that seemed to run so fast beyond what a human is capable of. What added to the curiosity was the way the ghost ran in the audience seat. It looked like the ghostly figure went across the seats so smooth like the water that flows inch by inch. In addition to that, this apparition is far from having a human size as it appears to be larger than normal. The fans never had any idea that this figure was with them, perhaps it was also watching the game. It never had a problem as it passed every seat in the field. According to some, it was just a shadow or a reflection of a player playing in the field that was caught by the lens of the camera. However, many believe that it was a real ghost passing by as it indicated unusual form. 

Expectedly, those who watched the video are, though no longer shocked, still interested in this kind of sighting. Reports like this one never fade as many are still studying or looking for evidence that ghosts really exist. In fact, this is just one of the reported videos or pictures showing ghostly appearances. 

The video drew huge attention in the internet and it is for a viewer to believer or not.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Compilation of unexplained real ghosts photos

Video compilation of real ghosts photos. Watch this unexplained paranormal phenomena and write your comment below!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ghost like creature crawling on buildings in Russia

Amazing video of some kind of a ghost or demon crawling on a buildings in Russia. This was allegedly recorded in late year 2013.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New video of a ghost of ex-prisoner in Russian jail?

Strange paranormal activity was recorded in one of the Russian prisons recently. Do you think this is a real ghost video?

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